Friday, January 27, 2012

I did it again

I let months go by with no new posts.  And then, it got to the point where I knew I was so far behind, that the task of getting caught up was just too daunting.  So I didn't.  So now, we've got everything from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, to Claire's 5th (how the heck did my baby turn 5???) birthday to cover. 




 We're crafty and we know it.......pumpkin painting!

 trick-or-treating with the cousins................ perfectly summed up with this picture.

 Nonny and Poppy celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary in November.  We also celebrated Nonny's birthday with a big family dinner at Torrey Park.

 Strangely, even now in January, it's just not that cold.  We have certainly had some cool days, but not the typical zero degrees and feet of snow that we have by now.  These pictures were taken on two exceptionally warm November days, when we could be outside with no jackets on!

 Claire has really been taking some fashion risks lately, and I love it.

 Our Thanksgiving table, set and ready for our guests!

 I'd like to take a second to give Alexe and myself a little pat on the back.  All of the food we made was totally homemade from scratch, no corners cut, and it all turned out amazing.  I never would have thought I could say it, but I totally rocked the Thanksgiving dinner.  Of course, it involved at least 10 hours (no exaggeration) of cooking, but it was more than worth it!

 This year, I decided Claire was big enough to have my Christmas village from when I was younger.  She helped set it up and took great care of it the whole time it was in her room.

 We also ventured into this new, exciting territory known as, "We have playdates where the moms take turns dropping the kids off and having time to themselves".  It's a beautiful thing.  Delaney comes and plays here, which gives Claire some entertainment and takes the pressure off me....or I drop Claire off at Delaney's and have some time to run errands or do whatever.  And it's amazing.

~~Christmas Eve~~

 Getting ready for Santa!

 Reindeer Food!

~~Christmas Morning~~

 Someone just got her first look at........


 Jack was so excited about the Jeep that Santa brought!  He kept going and sitting in it, then opening a couple of presents, then going back to the Jeep....luckily, Christmas was another warm-ish day, so we were able to take it around the block for a spin.  I have a feeling that, come spring, this Jeep is going to be well-loved!

 Santa also brought a Wii and Just Dance.

 Even Mommy got into the Just Dance fun.

 Alexe and I surprised Matthew and Jeff with tickets  to the NHL Winter Classic Alumni Game in Philadelphia, which was the perfect excuse for a December 30 one-night family trip to Pennsylvania!

 Cousins in pajamas....we are hoping to have many more of these shots!

 Yet another gorgeous winter day that called for taking off coats and enjoying the weather!

 While Jeff and Matthew went to the game, Alexe and I took the kids to the aquarium.  We got to see lots of animals and fish, including two ginormous hippos, and we even got to touch a sting ray.  Well, I touched a sting ray.  The children did not.

And then, Claire turned 5!!
 This year, instead of a huge party with her friends, we opted to take two friends to Build-A-Bear and Pizza Uno.  It was very fun!

 They all, obviously, chose hot pink cats.

 I can't believe I didn't get an "after" picture with the outfits they all chose for the are going to have to use your imagination and picture brightly-colored striped dresses with light-up butterfly wings and either silver shoes or Sketchers Twinkle Toes.  Oh yes. 

 This is what happens when you take three young girls to lunch and let them all sit on one side of the booth.

 JoJo even came along for the fun!

 January 11, 2012!  Claire is officially five and we let her open presents before we all had to go to work.

 Then we went out to Uncle Joe's as a family for dinner (Claire's choice, after I steered her away from Subway) and had our family over for cake and ice cream at our house after.

And this picture perfectly sums up how Claire feels about being five!